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CDC Guidelines

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You can use the following seven guidelines from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: Adobe Acrobat Guidelines for School Programs to Prevent Skin Cancerto help you shape the development and implementation of your own district policy to prevent skin cancer among school students and staff.

Guideline 1: Policy—Establish policies that reduce exposure to UV radiation.

Guideline 2: Environmental Change—Provide and maintain physical and social environments that support sun safety and that are consistent with the development of other healthy habits.

Guideline 3: Education—Provide health education to teach students the information, attitudes, and behavioral skills they need to prevent skin cancer. The education should be age-appropriate and linked to opportunities for practicing sun-safety behaviors.

Guideline 4: Family Involvement—Involve family members in skin cancer prevention efforts.

Guideline 5: Professional Development—Include skin cancer prevention knowledge and skills in preservice and inservice education for school administrators, teachers, physical education teachers and coaches, school nurses, and others who work with students.

Guideline 6: Health Services—Complement and support skin cancer prevention education and sun-safety environments and policies with school health services.

Guideline 7: Evaluations—Periodically evaluate whether schools are implementing the guidelines on policies, environmental change, educations, families, professional development, and health services.

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