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District Involvement

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Your school district, along with others in California, and worksites and communities, have recognized the importance of skin cancer prevention. School districts have immediate access and influence on policy that affects health behaviors of children and adolescents. In California, most school days are sunny days. Students can spend up to three hours outdoors during recess, lunch, physical education and after school activities.

Districts have taken responsibility to make a sun safe environment for students and staff through policy and education. The California School Boards Association drafted a sample Sun Safety Board Policy 5141.7 for districts to adopt with the option to modify.

Review your district's policy (BP 5141.7) on sun safety to understand the regulations that affect practices at your school. Also, the district and individual schools should evaluate progress with sun safety implementation each year.


Did You Know?

With the passage of Billy’s Bill for Sun Safety California schools must allow students to wear hats and other sun protective clothing while outside as well as use sunscreen without a doctor’s note.

Promoting Sun Safety in California Elementary Schools.

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