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Identify a Team

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Anyone can initiate a process to create a new policy or adopt an existing policy. Additionally, many people can be involved in implementing the policy at schools. Consider including teachers, parents, students, district representatives, school nurses, parent teacher organizations, and the public in the process. Make sure you involve and communicate to everyone that will be affected by the policy.

Frequently, members of effective policy teams possess a combination of these qualities:

It is important to collaborate with any existing efforts underway in the school or community. If your school is already working on sun safety issues, or other health related issues, and has an existing infrastructure such as a school health council, or a coordinated school health program, these people are well-positioned to assist in the roll-out of this sun safety policy.

The following tasks can be completed by your team members:

  1. Conduct a school assessment
  2. Communicate the adopted policy
  3. Help build support for the policy
  4. Increase knowledge of sun safety and skin cancer prevention
  5. Help implement practices that support that policy
  6. Evaluate the policy on an annual basis

The following are some resources to assist schools and school districts in establishing a new team, if needed, or in building upon existing teams and partnerships.

Adapted from USDA Team Nutrition’s The Local Process: How to Create and Implement a Local Wellness Policy, and University of Southern California Prevention Solutions’ Alcohol & Drug Policy Resource Manual for Schools by Mary Ann Pentz, PhD. (Unpublished).

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