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Maintain, Measure & Evaluate

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It is recommended that your school establish a plan for measuring implementation of the sun safety policy, including designation of one or more persons with operational responsibility for ensuring that the school is implementing practices in support of the policy.

It's important to assess student, parent, teacher and administration satisfaction with the new policy. A good evaluation plan does not need to be extensive, formal or put undue burdens on staff. Through the evaluation process, you will be able to answer some basic questions that are important to policymakers, students, school staff, parents and the general public:

You may need to survey staff, parents, and students to learn exactly to what extent the policy has been disseminated and how successfully it is being implemented.

Based on the results of your evaluation, you may need to:

If you need further information on the evaluation process, the following resources may be helpful to you:

Evaluating Community Programs and Initiatives (Chapters 36-39 of the Community Toolbox) was developed by the University of Kansas Work Group on Health Promotion and Community Development. This guide contains information on developing a plan for evaluation, methods for evaluation, and using evaluation to understand and improve the initiative.

Framework for program evaluation is a CDC publication, MMWR 1999;48(No. RR-11), that outlines steps and standards for effective program evaluation.

Adapted from USDA Team Nutrition’s The Local Process: How to Create and Implement a Local Wellness Policy, and University of Southern California Prevention Solutions’ Alcohol & Drug Policy Resource Manual for Schools by Mary Ann Pentz, PhD. (Unpublished).

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