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Become a Sun Safe School

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Now that the district has a policy in place and you have communicated it to your staff, students and their parents, you have to make it happen! Here you can find tips for schools, students and parents so that you can move your sun safety policy into action.

Schools should:
Encourage sun safety practices and education
Schedule time creatively
Educate parents about the new policy
Plan activities for students
Make sun safety easy to practice
Take sun exposure seriously

Students can:
Be sun safe leaders at school
Wear sun safe clothing, hats, and sunglasses
Participate in contests
Talk to parents about sun protection
Use sunscreen and lip balm

Parents can:
Make sun safety easy for children to do
Remember sun safety on the weekends
Talk to children about sun protection
Model good sun safety behavior

Schools should:

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Students Can:

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Parents Can:

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Promoting Sun Safety in California Elementary Schools.

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