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Teaching Materials

Use this page to find materials for teaching students as well as resources for teaching staff.

Materials for Teaching Students

Skin cancer prevention education is most effective when it is taught as part of a comprehensive health education curriculum. As an alternative, it can be woven into core subject areas. There are many of options!

Teachers should find these curricula, lessons plans, activities, and materials helpful for teaching students about sun safety:

General Teaching Resources

Preschool –Kindergarten

Kindergarten-Grade 5

Middle School Resources

Materials for Teaching Staff

Staff can benefit from skin cancer prevention education, as well. Not only does education and training help staff avoid dangerous behavior while at work, it will also help them become better role models to students.

Sun Safe Schools has attempted to list all sun protection teaching materials available to the public that are appropriate for school use. Contact to suggest additions.

Sun Safe Schools does not endorse any specific teaching materials. Examine each one carefully to see if it meets your district’s requirements and standards.

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