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Put it Into Practice at School

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The district's adoption of a sound policy is only the beginning. Implementation requires good planning and management skills, the necessary resources, consistent oversight, and widespread buy-in by school staff and the local community. Communicating your policy and educating your students and staff are the first steps toward becoming a sun safe school. And, don’t forget to share your sun safety successes!

Communicate Your Policy
The school cannot effectively implement a policy unless the stakeholders know about it. Disseminate the new policy along with information that will help staff, students, parents, organizations, and the community understand it. Find materials that will help you get the word out. more>>>

Educate Students and Staff
Provide lessons for students, as well as staff, so everyone in the school community can understand the importance of sun safety. There are many sun safety programs and teaching materials to help teachers educate their students. Schools can also use the Sun Safe Schools in-service training webinar to address staff development. more>>>

Become a Sun Safe School
There are many little things that schools can do to be more sun safe. These action steps can help schools fulfill their sun safety policy goals and can help you start thinking about creative ways to implement your own policies. more>>>

Success Stories
Find out how other schools are protecting their students and staff from the sun. Or, add your own success story. We want to hear from you! more>>>

Adapted from USDA Team Nutrition’s The Local Process: How to Create and Implement a Local Wellness Policy, and University of Southern California Prevention Solutions’ Alcohol & Drug Policy Resource Manual for Schools by Mary Ann Pentz, PhD. (Unpublished).

Promoting Sun Safety in California Elementary Schools.

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