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Hats are the best method of minimizing UV rays to the face, nose, head, ears, and neck where sun damage and skin cancer often occur.

Tightly-woven hats with a 3' to 4-inch brim all the way around can help reduce direct UV exposure to the head, face and neck by as much as 50%.

Sun Safe Hat A flappy-jack or legionnaire cap provides good protection for the ears and neck but leaves areas of the face exposed to the sun.

Baseball caps offer some protection for the face but do not protect the ears and neck.

Visors offer limited protection to the face, but do not protect the top of the head, ears, or neck.

Different styles of hats provide varying levels of sun protection, but any hat is better than no hat!

Tips to promote hats:

Have more questions? Check out the sun safe skin Cancer 101 - Clothing.


Fast Fact

California State Law requires that schools allow students to wear hats for sun protection during outdoor activities while at school. Click here to read more about Billy’s Bill for Sun Safety.

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